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Lawson's Bend

I'm very excited as the release for Lawson's Bend is almost here. I hope that you'll love Henny and Stephen's story just as much as I do.

The story is about having to face your past and try to unravel the secrets that lie there. When tragedy struck Henrietta Bolton ran from it, not being able to deal with the loss of her best friend. But after ten years, fate has brought her back to Lawson's Bend and she begins to ask the question was the drowning just a terrible accident or something more sinister?

Release Feb. 2019

Here's a few sentences from the opening of Lawson's Bend -

Henny Bolton drew in a deep breath as she passed the shabby Welcome to Lawson’s Bend sign on the side of the road.

The sign was lopsided, as if one of its posts was giving way, and the faded wording echoed the sentiment that it had been a long time since anyone was truly welcomed here. It had been years since she herself had been back, and if fate hadn’t sent her a curve ball she wouldn’t be here at all.

For a long time Lawson’s Bend had held little for Henny. Almost ten years ago she’d got out and vowed never to come back. But things change and some vows have to be broken.

Available this Feb. online and in store.

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