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Rural Romance

Lawson's Bend     “Nicole Hurley-Moore has once again proved to me that she is a trusted figure in the world of Australian rural fiction. Lawson’s Bend delivers on all fronts, providing readers with the ideal mix of small town intricacies, mystery and a hearty romance. I am hoping we can expect plenty more to come.”                                   - Mrs B’s Book Reviews (blog), February 2019

 “An enjoyable read with a bit of intrigue.”

                            - 1 Girl, 2 Many Books (blog), February 2019

“I love how Hurley-Moore incorporated the past and present timelines to tell the story, slowly revealing more about the events that took place the night everything changed for Henny, Stephen and their friends. It built suspense in all the right places and kept the pace of the story just right. This was a great read, and I highly recommend it.”

                                           -Noveltea Corner (blog), February 2019

“There’s something so real and so human about the romances and friendships and its core…White Gum Creek is the perfect summer read.”

                                                                                  – Noveltea Corner (blog), February 2018

Nicholas Langtree has been hiding out on his farm, Winters Hill ever since the death of his wife. He keeps to himself and that’s the way he likes it. The town’s folk over the years have tried to help him but he’s pushed them all away.

Nick has seen a lot of heartache, so much that it's almost broken him but can he get past it to finally start living again?

Natasha (Tash) Duroz, the owner of the Gumnut Bakery tries to engage him into conversation each time he comes into town. There’s something about him that draws Tash in but what she has to discover is what she feels pity or something more?

Nick has been the target of minor vandalism over the years but as he begins to connect with the outside world it escalates. Is someone out to hurt him or have the years of solitude distorted his mind?

“It was enchanting to see how [Nick] came out of his shell and made the decision to live again…Australian rural fiction is fast becoming my new favourite genre.”

                                     – Read the Write Act (blog), January 2018

“New love, fresh beginning and the overwhelming gift of friendship and love, all come together in this warm and delightful tale from Nicole Hurley-Moore, just when you needed a fresh dose of feel good reading.”

                                         – Blue Wolf Reviews (blog), February 2018

“A heartwarming tale of taking chances, facing your fears and opening yourself up to new experiences.”

                              – Beauty and Lace (blog), February 2017

The compelling story of a grief-stricken man reeling from tragedy and a hard-working female farmer dealing with betrayal who may just find love and healing with each other.

Since her father was badly injured in a farming mishap, Rebecca Duprey has been working day and night to keep the family sheep station, Bluestone Ridge, going. But her father is finding it hard to step back from being in control and her unfaithful ex-boyfriend keeps lurking around. Now, to add to her woes, the adjoining farm she'd desperately hoped to buy has been snapped up by a city type called Matt Harvey.

A former advertising exec, Matt is now a bestselling writer. But since the death of his fiancee in a car accident he's been finding it impossible to write. So he's hoping his move to the country will help him come to terms with his grief and allow him to focus on writing his next novel. Problem is, he seems to have started off on the wrong foot with his neighbour, Bec Duprey.

Bec isn't sure when she started feeling attracted to Matt, but she's determined not to succumb to his charms. And Matt isn't sure when his feelings changed about Bec, but now he can't get her out of his mind. Can Bec and Matt overcome their fear of loss to find love and happiness with each other...?

This absolutely compelling novel deals with betrayal, tragedy, love - and how first impressions aren't always right.



“A good book for a lazy beach day.”


     – The Book Muse (blog), January 2017

“In a sometimes grim world it’s good to feel the spirit of optimism that radiates from a novel such as this.”

                                      – North By North East, April 2016

So, we're heading back to Violet Falls. This time the story is about Flynn Hartley and Lily Beckett.


On the very same day Lily Beckett is betrayed by a colleague she's horrified to discover her long-term boyfriend is having an affair. Totally devastated, she quits her job in fashion and breaks off their relationship.

Fleeing the city, Lily heads for sanctuary with her big sister, Violet, who lives in the country with her daughter Holly. But bad luck comes in threes when Lily has a car accident on the way. Thankfully she's not badly injured and local grazier, Flynn Hartley, arrives on the scene and looks after her.

Life gradually picks up for Lily. She enjoys living with Violet and Holly, and decides to stay for a while, designing clothes while renovating the beautiful old shop she inherited.

In the months that follow Flynn showers Lily with attention and it's clear he's falling for her. But Lily's aware of Flynn's 'bad boy' reputation and doesn't want to risk further heartbreak...

From bestselling author Nicole Hurley-Moore, Hartley's Grange is an inspirational story about a woman pursuing her dreams and taking charge of her future.

“Hartley’s Grange is a tale of second chances, of finding that person who inspires you to be better and heal what is broken and damaged inside you…I certainly found it difficult to put the book down waiting to find out how it would all be resolved.”

                                                                          – Beauty and Lace (blog), March 2016

Under the skillful pen of Nicole Hurley-Moore, we are enveloped in a world where lives are put back together, lessons are learned, and old friends resurface in a timeless story of life, love and living. A wonderful read for a lazy Sunday afternoon which will leave you with a total dose of that ‘feelgood’ feeling!”

                                               – Blue Wolf Reviews (blog), March 2016

“So very readable – you won’t be able to put it down.”

                                        – Newcastle Herald, May 2015



Years ago, Violet Beckett made the mistake of falling for the wrong McKellan brother and she and her young sister, Lily paid the price. Now eight years later, fate has brought Violet and her daughter, Holly back to the house she grew up in. As soon as she runs in Charlie ‘Mac’ McKellan, she wonders if she should run all the way back to the city. But something about the look in his eyes makes her want to linger. Can she trust him, can she trust herself or will she get burned again?


Charlie McKellan has had a soft spot for Violet Beckett longer than he can remember. It almost killed him to watch his brother woo her, use her and finally lose her. From their very first encounter he’s hooked. But how can he convince her that all McKellans are not the same?

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