Works in Progress







With the new year almost here, I've been planning out my projects. My latest rural suspense will be released in August with Allen & Unwin. Meanwhile I'll be keeping busy a handful of different projects. 


I hope to write the next rural suspense, as well as a fantasy novel and several little chunky novellas for a little series I'm trying to plan out.

So if all goes well, it looks as if I'll be pretty busy!

My first project

I'm stepping away from contemporary  fiction just for a second while I write the first book in a fantasy series. I'm very excited about this project and absolutely love writing it. I'm keeping under wraps at the moment but I'll leave you with a tiny teaser. 

 His birthright has been stolen but has his destiny? 

Second Project

So the next one is a rural/romantic suspense. 

An art dealer searching for a painting that supposedly doesn't exist butts heads with a collector who is trying to solve a family mystery. The problem is that they're not the only ones after the painting. 

Brushstokes (working title) spans from the bustle of London to a sleepy rural Australian town that overlooks the Southern Ocean. 

Project Three 

So a couple of years ago I had this idea about a paranormal investigation series which is set in the Victorian period. My plan was to write a series of novellas and self publish them as my pet project.


The first novella is written and I'm hoping to finish the next one *fingers crossed*. 

Lady Amelia Cygnet spends her time and ample fortune to investigate strange and paranormal activity. She believes everything can be scientifically proven and has no patience for old wives tales and superstitions. But a stolen child and a gateway to another realm might make her rethink her belief system.