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A New Year and New Inspirations

For me, last year was a write off and I'm very happy that it's over. A new year brings with it hope, fresh beginnings and endless possibilities - and I'm looking forward to embracing all of it.

I'm hoping that this year will be vastly more productive than the last one. I have several projects in the works and I'm committed to getting them all finished. I have two different personas - one that loves contemporary rural suspense and the other that adores medieval history, magic and fantasy. This year I hope to indulge in both sides and write in both genres.

The first project I'm working on this year is a fantasy and the second will be a rural suspense. They have both been plotted and even though they are vastly different, I love them both. Added to that, I'm about to receive the first round of edits for my upcoming rural suspense which will be published later this year.

So I guess the the next thing to do is roll up my sleeves and get writing.


Thanks so much for stopping by.

Nicole xx

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