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‘Engaging and heart-warming, this is a great read for a chilly night.’ – Canberra Weekly

Welcome to Kangaroo Ridge 


Years ago a family tragedy left the Carrington children as orphans. With the help of her twin brother, Sebastian and her aunt, Tamara was able to hold the family together by stepping up and caring for their younger brothers and sister.

However taking on the responsibility came at a cost, both Tam and Seb sacrificed their much of their teenage years. The mantle of responsibility sits heavily on Sebastian’s shoulders, he is quiet and likes to be in control because he believes it’s the only way he can protect his family.

Even though Tam puts her family above her own needs, she likes to kick over the traces and make up for lost time. She tells herself that she enjoys life because she knows just how fleeting it can be but deep down she blames herself for her parents’ accident. But sometimes there’s a fine line between freedom and destruction.

            Tam and Seb butt heads constantly on how to run and keep their family safe. He sees her as flighty and irresponsible whereas she believes him to be controlling and acting more like a father than not only her brother but her twin.

              Added to that, Tam’s been keeping secrets. One of them is a romantic liaison that once discovered could be problematic , especially when it comes to Seb as he’s bound to object. All Tamara wants is a future with the man she loves but family dynamics and guilt from the past threaten to block her way. But the questions she’s almost too afraid to ask herself is – does she even deserve to be happy?

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