Historical Romance

Masquerade and Dancing on Air are both full length Victorian era romances. More Costly Than Diamonds is a very short story about a medieval homecoming. Please feel free to grab the PDF. Happy Reading!


 To the outside world she’s referred to as Lord Tressely’s child bride – but nothing could be further from the truth. Sophia’s entire life is a lie. For her protection she has hidden within a sham of a marriage for years.

In a desperate gamble to save all that she loves and repay a debt of kindness to her dying husband, Sophia must produce an heir.A night of passion is all she wants and the masquerade ball may be the opportunity she’s been looking for. An illicit tryst with the wickedly handsome Lord Mathias Eldridge appears to be the answer to her prayers. What she didn’t expect was for Mathias to spin her senses and make her wish for a different life.

But Sophia discovers that the repercussions of her actions could threaten to destroy not only her entire world but also her heart.



More Costly Than Diamonds


After five long years Sir John Durand returns home from the Crusades. He left a wealthy estate and a young bride. But what will be waiting for him through the gates of Durand Manor?


This is a free short story about a homecoming.