Works in Progress







Heron's Reef   (working title)

As a child, Berry McCalister's family was torn apart by violence. Eleven years on, she returns to the small town of Harlington intending to sell the family farm - Heron's Reef.

Berry is determined to confront the past because only then can she and her siblings have a future which is free from the shadows of their parent's death.

However while in Harington, she begins to question the long believed narrative of what happened to her family. Berry discovers that Heron's Reef is hiding a secret - one that could not only change her life but also alter the past. 

Christmas at Thornton Manor

This is a sweet story about a single mum who needs a lucky break and a work driven man who has forgotten what Christmas is all about. 


So, I've started something a little bit different. I'm working on an Australian historical set in this area after the gold rush. There's not much to report as I've still got some research to do but the first chapter is done, so that's something. My daughter and I went on a research trip recently and I've added a few of our photos on the 'News' page if you're interested.

I've given the working title of McGinty to the new book but I think it will change. I figure it works for my fictional town and surname of my main character but not as an overall title.

Anyway, I'll let you know how it's going as it gets fleshed out. :)